Name of Organisation or Sector

Name of Organisation/ Sector Value chain
Investor IDH Cap. Dev. Fruits/Vegetables
Investor Financing Fruits/Vegetables
Water-Energy-Food Fruits/Vegetables
Consultant Agribiz Fruits/Vegetables
Integrated Produce Fruits/Vegetables
Dangote Industries Limited Fruits/Vegetables
Earthtab Farm Hub Fruits/Vegetables
Investor Agri-Inputs Fruits/Vegetables
ARM Fruits/Vegetables
CBN Fruits/Vegetables
Extension Consultant Fruits/Vegetables
Wells Farms Fruits/Vegetables
Investor Agri-Inputs Fruits/Vegetables
College Of Agric. Technology Fruits/Vegetables
Westcoast Dairy & Food Industries Fruits/Vegetables
Cargill Fruits/Vegetables
Quantum Power Fruits/Vegetables
Jain Irrigation Fruits/Vegetables
Aroms Farms Nig. Fruits/Vegetables


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